Quick, Simple & Safe 1 Step installation
Installation is fast and easy. It needs only just one operation compared to the 4 step installation of conventional roof system. Much time and cost is saved. Less work with more safety.

Sound Insulation
The composite insulated panels provide a natural good sound insulation barrier. For higher requirements, the performance of these panels can be enhanced according to the requirements of the design.

Energy Efficient Building
With rising energy cost, Prestaroof efficiently reduces the cost of air conditioning (or heating) within the building. Additionally, a high degree of temperature control is achieved with the built-in Thermal Break design for each panel to prevent thermal transmission from the outside.

Strong & Durable
The composite nature of the panels made up of external steel skins and a core layer of polyurethane foam or stone wool results in exceptionally strong panels that have an extended lifespan derived from the use of COLORBOND® steel on the outer facing.

Unique Tongue and Groove Joint
Extra care and emphasis were taken in the design of the sidelap to result in an unique Tongue and Groove joint that prevents water ingress, air leakage and wind uplift. These features distinguish Prestaroof from other panels.

Total Elemental Cost Savings
With the ability to span further due to the structurally much stronger panels, the result is savings to be derived from the lesser number of structural supports needed, painting, shorter erection time, labour cost and a host of other cost benefits.

Fire Resistance
Prestaroof RW's use of stone wool offers excellent fire characteristics:

  • Stability in the event of fire
  • Resistant to the effects of flame
  • Superb thermal insulation capabilities
  • Approval by the Malaysian fire authorities

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