Unique 4 Sided Metal Return
Prestawall panels are uniquely designed for the four sides of each panel to be metal bound by COLORBOND® steel. This ensures that the core material of polyurethane foam is securely protected from weather exposure for a longer life span.

Superb Temperature Control
A thermal break as part of the panel design further enhances the performance of the insulation core of polyurethane foam by keeping the temperature within the building well controlled, and saves energy and cost at the same time.

Flat & Flush
Prestawall panels are flat and installed flushed without any jointing protrusions to interrupt the large expanse of the building elevation with unsightly top hats and U sections.

Smooth and Textured Finish
A visual variety is afforded by the panels having a smooth clean finish or an interesting non-directionally textured appearance to give the building a more modern appeal.

Horizontally Installed
Prestawall horizontally installed panels are aesthetically appealing with their well defined vertical joints and horizontal reveals creating a striking building elevation.

Concealed Fixing
The panels are fastened by a positive through fixed method of installation but a clever design conceals the fastenings from external view and the weather. This further enhances the smooth and clean external appearance of the cladding.

Curtainwalling Design and Flexible Interfacing
The well engineered tongue and groove joint of Prestawall with a pressure equalization chamber prevent water ingress and air leakage. These have made the cladding a suitable curtain walling product with the flexible ability to interface neatly and efficiently with many different types of building elements.

Bespoke Solutions
Panels are custom made to exacting design requirements in a factory controlled environment to world class standards for immediate assembly on arrival at site. Tremendous amount of time and materials wastage are saved by eliminating the need to cut and shear on site.

Fast, Safe and Easy Construction
Prestawall architectural composite insulated panels are quick and easy to assemble. They are a pre-engineered single component external superior cladding system which is highly efficient and designed to save time and cost. No brickwall and wet works are required. The building can be occupied and used immediately after completion.


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